Class "C" In-School Tournament!

Class "C" Tournament

Saturday, November 11th

In-School Tournament Just For Our Students!

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Halloween Bash | Rise Up Martial Arts

Event Schedule

  • 8:15am Judges Meeting
  • 9:00am Bow-In
  • 9:15am All Black Belts
  • 10:45am All Tigers
  • 12:00pm All Color Belts

Why Compete in Tournament?

Competition teaches many valuable lessons to the student. Students develop courage, confidence and respect for themselves and other competitors.  Every public performance prepares the competitor for other situations later in life.  Win or lose, a student gains new confidence by getting up and performing in public.  Courage is developed because it takes inner strength to face the unknown as well as control emotions and nerves. 

Halloween Bash | Rise Up Martial Arts
Halloween Bash | Rise Up Martial Arts

Benefits of Competing

When a competitor gets the opportunity to compare themselves with others, they learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Most students learn more from a loss than a win. When they lose, they realize they must train harder and with more focus. If they continue competing, they will continue to grow and improve. Winning allows a student to realize their training efforts are worth the sacrifice.

Remember "To Compete, Is To Win!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers regarding our Class "C" Tournament

This Event is for our Martial arts Students Only! Feel free to check out our other events!

Yes, of course! We highly suggest bringing multiple spectators to come watch your child compete at our tournament!

  • $45 per student for Traditional Forms & Sparring (or One-Steps)
  • $70 per student for 3 or More Events!

Yes, Everyone that competes will at least walk out with 1 reward. If you win multiple rewards, you could walk out with more then 1 reward!

Here’s what every student needs to bring:

  • Their Full White Clean Uniform
  • Their Belt
  • Their Sparring Gear (If Sparring)
  • Their Weapon (If They Are Competing in Weapons)

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